Tansukh Herbals Leadership Team

Late Vaidya Pt. Brahmanand Sharma

The Inspiration

The inception of service to humanity through Ayurveda started way back in the early 1950’s by the honest efforts of Late Vaidya Pt. Brahmanand Sharma. He practiced Ayurveda for over 40 years and provision of pure and authentic medication to the masses was his goal. Fully dedicated towards Ayurveda, this tremendous and unending source of inspiration has been the backbone of the innovative thoughts and ideas developed and implemented by Tansukh team.

Satish Kumar Sharma


Satish Kumar Sharma started his endeavors with herbal and ayurvedic medicines at a very early age. Under the disciplined guidance of his father, Vaidya Pt. Brahmanand Sharma, he acquired in-depth knowledge of Ayurveda and inherited the family legacy of traditional Indian system of medicine. With more than 40 years of experience under his belt and an accolade of “Ayurved Ratan”, he along with his brother, Mr. Ravi Kumar Sharma, started the dream project of Tansukh Herbals Private Ltd. in the year 1996. He is constantly motivated by the goal of making Ayurveda recognized on the world map. Usage of herbs in the purest form and no compromise in quality are the driving forces behind his efforts to make the right medication available to masses and classes.

Ravi Kumar Sharma


Ravi Kumar Sharma started his career under the guidance of his father, Vaidya Pt. Brahmanand Sharma, and elder brother, Mr. Satish Kumar Sharma. With rigorous hands-on training of the family business and a degree in law, he took the trading and dispensing business of the family to new heights. He has acquired deep knowledge of herbal products and ayurveda and the cure for different disease conditions through his experience of more than 30 years in the trade. Hard work, patient satisfaction and right medication for right disease are some of his life’s motto. He is the backbone of Sales & Marketing and is in constant efforts to take the company to the next level.      

Abhijat Shikhar

Chief Executive Officer

Abhijat Shikhar brings the strength of knowledge and latest R&D to the company. He has over 3 years of experience of working in one of the recognized Drug Delivery Systems laboratory in the US. The main focus of his work included Product Development, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Strict compliance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) along with Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA-QC) are his focus for taking Ayurveda to great heights. He holds a Bachelors degree in Pharmacy from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru and a MS in Industrial and Physical Pharmacy from St. John’s University, USA. Presently, he is fully occupied with the production and development affairs at Tansukh Herbals.

Saarthak Sankalp

Head, Business Development

Saarthak Sankalp, an engineer from DCE and an MBA from XIMB, has acquired professional experience at top MNCs in the world. With years of work experience under his belt, Saarthak brings in a unique milieu of quality consciousness and customer satisfaction to the sales force.  Focus on meticulous detailing of each product for the current and future markets, Saarthak aims to take up business development for new and upcoming as well as saturated markets by innovative and novel sales strategies. Personalized interaction with the consumer and collecting real time feedback about the products at each selling point is his immediate aspiration for the company.

Nandini Sharma

Head, Human Resource

Nandini Sharma brings in the fresh concepts and ideas of Human Resource Management to our invaluable work force. A Bachelor’s in Commerce and Management Graduate with specialization in HR from Symbiosis, Pune, she has also pursued a Designer’s Degree in Jewellery from The International Institute of Fashion Designing. Her skills are honed in the creative concepts of the brand, along with developing the professional ambiance in the best interest of the human resource of the company. In her pursuit of excellence, at Tansukh Herbals, her focus and primary aim is to hire and manage the best human capital as a team, as well as to take the brand global with focus on giving the HR structure of the company a creative and innovative touch.

Vaidya S P Sharma, BAMS 

Production Advisor

Vaidya S P Sharma has over 30 years of experience of manufacturing and development of herbals products. He has worked as the chief supervisor at the government owned manufacturing pharmacy. Vaidya Sharma has hands-on experience in quality oriented manufacturing of Churna, Kadhe, Oils, Guggulu, Ras and Vati.

Vaidya N D Mishra, MD PhD (Ayu.)

Research Advisor

Vaidya N D Mishra has over 30 years of experience in ayurveda research and has in-depth knowledge of diseases and their cure. His day to day interaction with patients and research team give the company an insight of patient needs and feedback to the company for better service. He has also served as a prominent faculty member at the Government Ayurvedic College, Lucknow.  

Vaidya P N Shukla Shastri, Pranacharya Ayurvedacharya

Research Advisor

Vaidya P N Shukla has over 40 years of dispensing and compounding experience. He is daily in touch with patients and has deep knowledge of Ayurvedic literature and herbs.